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You went to law school to make a great living,
make a difference, and have a great life, what happened?

You didn’t get the mentoring from someone who could show you how to build a real law business.

It’s not your fault. They don’t teach it in law school, you’re not going to learn it in a big firm and you’re definitely not going to learn it from other lawyers. We’re here to help.

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You Just Graduated From Law School. We Can Help Turn Your Law Degree Into a Lucrative + Fulfilling Venture That You Absolutely Love. Yes, Really -- Hundreds of Lawyers Have Already Done It and You Can Too.

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‘Business-ize’ My Existing Practice

You Love Your Law Practice AND You See the Writing On the Wall -- It's Not Sustainable Until You Learn How to Attract a Steady Stream of Prospects, Engage Nearly 100% of the People Who Call Your Office, Price Your Services Profitably and Work a Reasonable Schedule While You Do It. We Can Help.

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Add a Lucrative Revenue Stream

You Are Serving Families or Small Business Owners Already and Want to Add on a Lucrative Service That Your Clients Really Need, Makes a Great Difference in Their Lives and Put a Lot of Additional Money in Your Bank Account.

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Transition Into a New Practice

You Are Making Plenty of Money, But Hate Who You Have Become Since Becoming a Lawyer (or Hate the Way You Think You Have to Be to Practice Law) -- We Can Help You Transition Into a New Practice Area That is Lucrative, Fulfilling and Makes You Happy.

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Update From the Live, In-Person Intensive in Colorado — We Did It!

Update From the Live, In-Person Intensive in Colorado — We Did It!

Last week 12 of our members flew home after a week of inspiration and support from us here in Boulder, CO. They re-entered their everyday lives with a whole new set of tools for connection that they did not have before this life-changing week. I fell in love with each and every lawyer in the room. And, I believe they fell in love with each other as well. Best of all, I think we all fell a little bit more in love with the fact that we get to be lawyers AND serve clients in such a meaningful and impactful … Continue reading »

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Alexis Neely visits the Lawyerist Podcast to talk about Estate Planning

Most lawyers think of estate planning as dry and boring, focused on tedious document preparation, and only applicable to a small segment of society. This is what we were taught in law school. Yet that is about the furthest from the truth as you can get. Estate planning is a hidden gem in the world of law if you come at it from the right perspective and shift your way of practicing it. Over the years we have worked with hundreds of lawyers who have practiced estate planning in the way we teach, and as a result they have created … Continue reading »

About the Contributor

The Single Biggest Reason Lawyers Lose Prospects Instead of Getting Hired Every Time

The Single Biggest Reason Lawyers Lose Prospects Instead of Getting Hired Every Time

As a lawyer myself, I imagine that one of your biggest frustrations is when you get a phone call from a prospect who asks “what will it cost” because you know they are just shopping around for the cheapest legal services possible. And, you are sick and tired of being seen as a commodity, instead of being valued for the great service you offer. Or, perhaps you are losing client after client who you know needs your services, but then as soon as they hear how much it will be, they have to think about it. I can solve these … Continue reading »

About the Contributor

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Perpetual Marketing Machine

You Can Be the Best Lawyer Out There, But It Won’t Matter Until Everyone In Your Community Knows Who You Are.  Create a Perpetual Marketing System Gets Your Phone Ringing Consistently, Predictably and Reliably So You Can Count On Your Practice to Support Your Life.

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Engage Clients

Client Engagement System

Investing In Your Marketing But Not Seeing it Pay Off In Your Bank Account? It May Be Because You Are Not Engaging Enough of the People Who Call Your Office or Charging Too Little For Your Services … Now Engage Nearly 100% of the Prospects Who Call Your Office While You Double Your Fees and Have Happier Clients Than Ever Before.

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Love Your Practice

Estate Planning Bootcamp

Earn $3,000-$5,000 For Each Client You Serve By Offering a Service That 90% of the People In Your Community (or Existing Client Base) Already Need and Want.

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“I have been doing this for 27 years. I wish that I had something like this when I was starting out. I would have made a lot more money and probably would have had clients that were more satisfied. My partner, a criminal lawyer, has listened to the marketing CD’s (4 of them) and also thinks they have given him a lot of new ideas.”

Don Fraser
Marysville, OH

“... this morning I had my first ever Initial Client Meeting with a prospect, and thanks to the Estate Planning Bootcamp (and the scripts in the Client Engagement System) I received an $8000 check in-hand for my first Revocable Living Trust plan.”

Jennifer Moyeher
Jennifer Moyeher
Family Lawyer
Washington, DC

"This course is life-changing and should be mandatory for all lawyers in business for themselves."

Robert Galliano
Robert Galliano
Temecula, CA