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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Your Collection Problems Start with You (and Get Solved Here)

Your Collection Problems Start with You (and Get Solved Here)

At an estate planning conference I attended recently, several law practice colleagues shared their frustration about what they thought was the worst part of their job—collecting payment from clients. Naturally, after investing time, expertise and effort in crafting wicked good plans for clients, quite a few lawyers had a dilly of a time getting their invoices paid on time. A few even had to hire collections agencies to handle their overdue receivables. Picture me with my jaw dropped on the floor. I have only ever had ONE collection problem. In three years of practice, the only client to have ever … Continue reading »

About the Contributor
Martha Hartney
Martha Hartney's is a successful Estate Planning lawyer in Colorado and co-creator of the Estate Planning Bootcamp. As a Law Business Mentor her greatest hope is to help other lawyers claim, or reclaim, the joy and the spiritual pursuit of being a lawyer.