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You’re on your way to a serious promotion in both your pay and the quality of your career life.

Watch your inbox for an email from and when you receive it, hit reply to let us know you got it. This will effectively white list her email so you are sure to get details for the upcoming call in April, and some great tips and information between now and then that will prepare you for your the call.

If you haven’t already received a copy of Alexis Neely’s new Law Business Manifesto, we highly encourage you to download your copy now and begin reading it. This Manifesto is the outline for the new law business model she developed while building her own law practice into a $1-million dollar a year revenue engine in just 3 years, while only going in to the office 3 days a week.

It’s important for you to understand this model as your Assistant will be following these principles to help you build your own practice to the revenue level and time schedule you desire in 2013 and beyond.

Download your copy now and start educating yourself on the principles that will give you a real competitive advantage in your industry.