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Don’t be a Door Lawyer

  I’m sure you’re wondering what a “door lawyer” is and why you shouldn’t be one.

Well, a door lawyer is a lawyer (generally a solo practitioner) who takes any case that walks through the door!  Why shouldn’t you be a door lawyer?  Well, the legal field is moving – and has been doing so for quite some time – towards specialization.  More and more, you’ll run into “family law attorneys” or “civil litigators” or “estate planning attorneys” and with good reason.  Being a jack of all trades isn’t great for your clients.  It takes you more time to learn each new area of law and you necessarily are less competent in each area as compared to someone who practices exclusively in a small number of practice areas.

Your clients don’t want a journeyman attorney and you shouldn’t strive to be one. Finally, you can charge a premium for your expertise in a particular area of law.  Look to the medical field for proof of this – internists may make $200,000 whereas specialists can easily make double or triple that figure.

So now that we’ve shown you all the good reasons to become a specialist* you need to decide which area you are going to specialize in. Do you love what you’re currently doing?  Chances are slim that you do. As an attorney who practiced family law for six years, I became burnt out quickly.  The long hours, stressful clients, and late nights preparing for trial quickly took a toll on me and my family.  My experience is that most attorneys feel the way that I felt.  If you feel like that, it’s time to start creating a life and a law practice that you love. For me and many other clients, that has come from dedicating ourselves to estate planning.
Do you want decent hours?  Focus on estate planning.
Do you want paying clients that you don’t have to chase to get paid? Focus on estate planning.
Do you want clients who love you?  Focus on estate planning.
The life that you envisioned when you went to law school is out there.  You can help your clients, be appreciated for the work you do, and get paid without hounding them.
Already doing estate planning?  Then check out this great program that will help you bring in even more clients and start reducing your work hours as well as stress levels! 
Interested in making a shift in your practice but not sure where to start?  Download our FREE Manifesto:
About the Contributor
Geoff Hoatson
Geoff Hoatson is an estate planning and elder law attorney who founded the Family First Firm in Orlando, Florida. He attended Emory University School of Law and focused exclusively on advanced strategies for helping families protect their children, their senior parents, and their assets. Geoff is a member of Wealth Counsel, Elder Counsel, and regularly speaks in the community - educating laypersons as well as professionals about estate planning and asset protection.

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