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Help! How Do I Learn to Draft An Estate Plan?

There is no substitute for experience. Even if you feel absolutely unqualified to draft a plan, there is no other way but to struggle through it. In the Estate Planning Bootcamp, we help you map out a plan to do just that.

One of the biggest hurdles in jumping into the estate planning arena is the sheer volume of documents you have to learn to create for your potential clients. We’d like to suggest that, really, this is more of a mental hurdle than an actual barrier to entry. The bigger task, and one you must begin to master early on, is learning to attract people to you and helping them say “YES!” to themselves and their families. We can promise you that you will learn the technical/legal aspects of your work, that you will learn to create good plans that work. Time after time, we have heard experienced attorneys say that it’s not the product delivery part of their businesses that they have challenges with, its marketing.

Are you ready to have a law practice you love, full of meaningful and lucrative work?

Watch these three free training videos (make sure to download the worksheets, as well) to see if estate planning is an area of law for you to add to your practice.

About the Contributor
Alexis Neely is a Law Business Mentor and creator of the New Law Business Model. She built her law practice from scratch into a million dollar a year generating business in just three years with the new law business model her family and her clients loved.

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