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I need a Mentor! How do I find one?

Most lawyers will need two or three mentors – mentors who can help you with ethical issues, mentors who can help you learn to market, mentors who can help you systematize and build a business, mentors who can teach you the technical/legal intricacies of your chosen practice area.

Finding the right mentors for yourself is step one in building a fulfilling law practice.

You simply can’t do it alone, not without a lot of pain and suffering. So don’t do it! Seek out the people who have done what you are doing, and done it well. They’ve made the mistakes you want to avoid and have an eye for the opportunities you might not see right off the bat.

Some mentors may help you for free. But not all. We all have to make a living so don’t be surprised that you will have to invest additional resources in your own training – yes, that’s right. After indebting yourself with student loans, you are not done investing yet. Your law license has given you the opportunity to LEARN MORE!

Rather than get upset about it, get assertive. Big Law is not investing in training new associates anymore–so most of us have no option but to continue our education on our own dime.

Here’s the trick: Find the mentors who can help you bring in revenue quickly and fruitfully–even if you have to pay them for their help. The new paradigm of the legal profession (and every industry, really) is that each of us will need additional training after law school and should plan to continue to invest in our education. The lawyers who embrace this will thrive in the coming years, the rest will live off their scraps.

About the Contributor
Alexis Neely is a bestselling author and has been a frequent guest on numerous network talk shows and news broadcasts. After graduating first in her law school class from Georgetown Law, Alexis clerked for Senior Judge Peter T. Fay on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and then began her career at the #1 AmLaw rated firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson. She went on to build her own law practice into a million dollar a year revenue generator within just three years by creating a revolutionary New Law Business Model you’ll hear about on the call. She is a leading expert on teaching lawyers how to attract more clients, engage those clients at higher fees,* and to serve those clients using this completely different law business model. Lawyers using Alexis’ systems report far more happiness, bigger bank accounts, and that they love being lawyers again.

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