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‘Business-ize’ My Existing Practice

You love the practice of law, you love having your own practice, you love everything about being a lawyer — except you can see the writing on the wall — your practice simply is not sustainable.

You are working way too hard, reinventing the wheel, have no systems in place, wonder where your next new client will come from, feel like the best kept secret in town, struggle with prospects having to think about before writing you a check, have taken whatever walks in the door just to pay the bills …

You know there is a better way!

And there is.

We’ve got your answers my friend. When you business-ize your law practice, you will:

  • Easily attract prospects you love to serve and watch as the phone calls consistently and steadily roll in and your appointment schedule fills up with people who are excited to work with you;
  • Be thrilled to meet with new potential clients because you know exactly how to book the appointment, what to send before they come into your office and specifically what to say when they are there so they feel confident saying yes to your service and leaving you with a signed engagement letter and a check in hand;
  • Serve your clients with the kind of service Zappos and Nordstroms are known and revered for and know exactly how to get all your work done so you aren’t scrambling or worrying that you’ve committed malpractice along the way;
  • Know exactly how to retain your clients for life and get paid again and again and again and again by people who are absolutely thrilled that you are the lawyer they trust and can always turn to when challenging and exciting things happen in their life and business.
  • Be able to take a vacation, work a reasonable schedule and take weekends off, sell your practice one day and not have to work until you die. Isn’t that how you want your law practice to be?

Business-ize it baby. We are here to help.

"Alexis Neely and the Personal Family Lawyer® program have completely transformed my practice. I've been an estate planning attorney with my own practice for over 15 years. I thought I would have to practice for another 15 years. I've created an efficient stream lined practice following everything Alexis's suggests that runs almost on auto pilot. Clients are leaving my office saying wow you've thought of everything and are raving fans telling others. I've seen my practice double in the last year even in a down turn economy and facing the loss of my wife. I'm seeing a younger more sophisticated client and as a result my average fee has tripled. Revenue has grown by over 20%. I have a 3rd attorney looking to join my practice, I'm working less, I'm happier and more selective of the client's I see. And I have decided to take Fridays completely off. If you follow her advice your practice will be revolutionized, too."

Gerald Kane
Gerald Kane, Personal Family Lawyer®


Featured Program

Client Engagement System

Engaging clients. Done wrong and it can feel a lot like selling. And no one likes to sell, or be sold to. Done right, and it can create the life and law practice you love.

Your system for engaging clients is THE make it or break it part of your practice. When you have one in place, you know that just about everyone who inquires about your services is going to hire you. And once you know that, it makes sense to invest money in marketing because every dollar you spend marketing earns you back hundreds of dollars in client fees.

Without a system for engaging clients, you definitely shouldn’t invest money in marketing because the more you put into marketing for clients you won’t engage, the more you’re just pouring money down the drain.

Creating a system to engage clients is not something we’re taught in law school. So you end up trying to do what you see other lawyers do, but I promise you this -- it’s not working for them.

I invested more than $15,000 to hire consultants to help me create a system that paid for itself the first time I used it. It includes scripts for what to say when people inquire about your services, a fool-proof method to eliminate cancellations and ensure prospects take your time seriously, a fee quoting system to ditch the hourly billable once and for all (and even let your clients choose their own fee), and every checklist, template and script you need to have a Client Engagement System in your office to engage 97.5% of the people who come in to meet with you, at higher fees your clients will be happier to pay.

"Since I implemented CES in my Bankruptcy practice last summer, I’ve have increased my revenues by 15%, and significantly decreased the amount of people that don’t show up for appointments.  “I’ve been really happy with the program and the customer service. The best part is the great results I’ve gotten. I recommend CES highly.“ 

Steve Holland
Steve Holland, Holland Law Office, P.C., Loveland, CO