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A message from Alexis Neely, Million Dollar Practice Builder:

Dear Lawyers, you do not have to build        your law practice all alone.  

The right (well-trained) assistant WILL build your visibility, connect you with more prospects and contribute to your bottom line.  The only thing standing in your way is that no one taught you how to hire and train.

And now, renowned Virtual Assistant (VA) Trainer, Cindy Greenway and Million Dollar Law Practice Builder, Alexis Neely will show you how.

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  • How to find, hire and train an assistant you absolutely love and are happy to pay to help you grow your practice so you can focus on what you do best and let your team do the rest
  • How you’re losing clients (and money) each and every day with your current administrative structure (and why it’s actually less expensive to have good help than it is to try to do it all yourself)
  • 3 ways you lost revenue TODAY in your law practice and how you can plug this leak immediately
  • How you can get in front of plenty of your potential clients by doing nothing more than ‘suiting up and showing up’ to speak at a live event
  • 3 very specific ways your well-trained assistant can help you and your practice make more money
  • The top reason why your leads are not converting to clients and how your assistant can fix this
  • Why you don’t need to hire another full-time employee to help you implement a strong marketing strategy for your business (and you definitely don’t have to do it yourself!)
  • How your assistant can build long term relationships with the people who are not ready to hire you now, but who will loyally send you referrals time and time again

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Apr 8, 2013 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET
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LoraHowardThe ROI was greater than I even imagined. Thank you so much for connecting me with Jen! 

My assistant (Jen) was fully trained to ask me specific questions and to implement systems to find speaking opportunities and get me in front of potential clients. Having Jen efficiently connect with my prospects, book appointments in my calendar, communicate with my clients and hold me accountable was invaluable. Plus, it felt great to use the word ‘we’ to describe the two of us working together as a team.

I now have a fully trained assistant who will continue to work with me as a result. Thanks Alexis and Cindy!”

Lora M. Howard | Attorney at Law | Greensboro, NC

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