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How You Can Put The Legal Life Planning Model To Work For You In Your Law Practice

winning-1529402_1280In this blog post the second in our series (read the first post here) I’m going to let you know the fast and easy way to get started with the Legal Life Planning Model in the next 60 daysso you can practice law in a way that you love and enjoywhile adding an easy, part-time, 3-5K per client minimum to your bottom line.

As well, in this post, Im also going to introduce you to a somewhat controversial and contrarian system that turns inquiries into appointments, and appointments into clientsin an unusual, but simple way. And, at an astonishingly high rate.

With this system, your calendar is booked for you 4-6 weeks in advance with prospects happy to wait to work with you. Appointment cancellations are virtually eliminated. And you no longer have to chase prospects or clients for more business

Youll also hear about a unique fee quoting system that consistently engages 97.5% of prospects who call your office, at higher fees, with new pricing and packaging and a fee quoting system that converts like crazy.


In this post youll see how and why, when you use this unique fee quoting system, prospects do not haggle with you, Lookie-Loos and shoppers stop shopping, and engage – because youre nowunshoppable, and you collect an average fee of $3,500 to $5,000 per new client.

Youll even see my personal million-dollar fee schedulewhich took me literally two years and more than $10,000 to develop but paid for itself the very first time I used it.  You’ll want to pay close attention to that part of this post.

More about that in just a bit.

By the time you are finished reading, you’ll understand why and how the Legal Life Planning Model gives you a meaningful and authentic way of practicing law so you enjoy being a lawyer again, are adored by your clients, have complete control of your schedule, and become the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be.

If you haven’t read the first post, I highly encourage you to read it now.

In today’s post, I’ve gone ahead and put together a sort of Mini Fast-Start Class for you that quickly lays-out the key components needed to get up and running with the Legal Life Planning Model within the next 60 days.

Now let me be clear, there are certainly important nuances to this model that allow you to have even greater freedom, greater fees, and a greater engagement rate, but in keeping with my promise of showing you how to start using the Legal Life Planning Model in less than 60 days to add a fast 3-5K per client, minimum, to your bottom-line, I want to give you a simple framework and process so you can experience the beginning benefits of this model right away.

Since building and selling a million-dollar a year law practice of my own, I’ve coached and trained hundreds of lawyers over the last 5 years, from all over the country, on this new Legal Life Planning Model.

I believe that… YES! You went to law school hoping to make a great living, but not at the cost of feeling good about yourself, or the work you do each day, or the types of clients you work with and serve.

Maybe, right now, you’re doing divorce work and you’re not loved by your clients. They associate you with their pain and frustration and, so, they don’t appreciate you even when you win.

Or maybe you’re doing litigation, and you’re totally at the mercy of the court schedule and depositions… and you’re basically on call all day and night.

Or, maybe you’re doing Bankruptcy, and you’re just feeling unfulfilled. Lots of clients, but lots of busywork and paper shuffling. And, seeing the number of bankruptcies dropping plus the race to the bottom mentality forcing you to drop your fees.

Or maybe you’re doing DUI or personal injury, insurance defense, or criminal work… not truly liking who you are or, the clients you work with. Or, maybe you do feel like you’re making a difference, but you’re not appreciated in the way that you know you can and should be.

Or perhaps you’re serving clients by providing wills, trusts, or corporate documents now, but you know that you could be doing so much more and you just don’t know how.

Or maybe you’re taking whatever walks in the door (we call that being a door lawyer) because you think you have to and seeing you just cannot get ahead.

And maybe you’ve grown to truly dislike, even at times, hate being a lawyer and practicing law. Maybe you’ve even gotten to the point of wondering if it may be time to start looking for another line of work.

Or, maybe, right now, you’re at a big law firm and you’ve got a job and the security of a pay check and you feel like you should really hold onto it even though that firm is just not feeding your ambition or your soul.

Or, perhaps you’re in solo practice already, and you’re spending more time chasing clients, than actually serving them. Stuck on that marketing merry-go-round constantly frustrated… constantly wondering where the next client is going to come from. And, it’s all become an increasing drain on you mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Well, I understand. Because before I figured this whole Legal Life Planning Model out, I was there myself.

My Journey and Rise to Success and Freedom

I was at a big law firm: Munger, Tolles & Olson — and was collecting a six-figure paycheck where they were billing me out at $400 an hour for what felt like, to me, shuffling papers and filing paperwork for clients who really didn’t care about what we were doing besides saving them some money on their taxes.

And I felt really empty inside… wondering what had happened to my original dream of serving clients in a meaningful way — which is why I went to law school in the first place.

So, with two babies at home, and my husband staying home to take care of them, I went out on my own, to start a practice where I could really be there for my family, have a great relationship with my clients, and when I looked out 10 to 15 years I’d be able to get off the treadmill and feel a sense of pride in the work I was doing.

But, what I saw when I started my own law practice was that it wasn’t actually possible with the common law business model.

It was going to be the same thing day after day, with no end in sight. I was awakened to the cold hard reality that the old way of practicing law just wouldn’t work for me.

Yes, I wanted to get wealthy, but I wanted to have total professional autonomy and freedom as well, and I wanted to have a real impact on the lives of my clients. But I quickly realized that going off my own was really just the first part of the solution.

And now I had to figure out how to make money and manage my time and also impact my clients in the most positive way possible.

Because remember, I was the breadwinner of my family, and if I didn’t bring home the bacon, there wasn’t going to be any.

So, I began studying some of what I thought were the most successful lawyers out there.

I say, “who I thought were the most successful” because they appeared to be really successful: They were busy and they had lots of clients, but when I got behind the scenes, what I found is that many of them were more stuck than anyone else.

They had marketed themselves into a corner. They had high overhead, no relationship with their clients, were constantly just processing documents, constantly thinking about the next new client, and they were discouraged, drained, and disillusioned.

And, they weren’t even able to take a break, because if they did, the whole thing would cave in on them.

No way! That was not the kind of practice I wanted, nor was that the kind of practice I was going to model.

So, I then began to study the leaders in other service-based industries: successful entrepreneurial doctors, auto repair shop owners, even carpet cleaners.

And I looked at what they were doing that could apply to my practice. And, by doing that, I reinvented my practice model to give me the freedom to serve the types of clients I wanted to, with the type and depth of legal counsel I wanted to, in a meaningful, fulfilling, and lucrative way, while maintaining nearly total control of my schedule.

The result?

In just 36 months, this new law business model- the Legal Life Planning Model— built me a legal practice producing over a million dollars a year in revenue.

And, over the last five years, I’ve taught this same model to hundreds of attorneys, watching them experience similar results, in some cases even better.


The Five Keys To Getting Started With Legal Life Planning in Your Practice

So, let me share with you five of the keys to getting started with this model in your own practice so you can experience its benefits firsthand in less than 60 days.

Remember, this is for you if you’re already doing wills and trusts, but know you are leaving income and impact on the table because you can sense there is a better way.

Or if you want to start Legal Life Planning straight out of law school.

If youre transitioning from an existing practice area or even leaving a big law firm, going out on your own, wanting to really love your practice.

Or, if you want to keep your practice doing bankruptcies, real estate, personal injury, business planning, intellectual property, immigration divorce, serving business owners, whatever, and want to add a whole new enjoyable, valuable, and lucrative profit center.

For now, lets cover the keys to engaging 90%+ of all the new prospects you get, at those higher fees, quicker and easier than what youre doing right now.

1.  No More “Free Initial Consultations”

With that name and description, theres little, if any, perceived value. And nothing that conveys any differentiation. This allows prospects to do an apple to apple comparison between you and every other lawyer with their shingle up.

Instead, prospects are going to schedule a specific type of appointment with you a Family Wealth Planning Session is what our trained and licensed lawyers call themthat immediately differentiates you from every other attorney, and that your prospects recognize as unique and valuable because it is in every way!  Prospects will be informed that during their Family Wealth Planning Session, youll help them get more financially organized than they’ve ever been before, look at their assets, their ownership liabilities and exposure, their planning needs and what will happen to what they own and who they love if anything were to happen to them.

And, then you’ll present a specific plan, for their specific needs, to ensure their assets and valuables are safe & secure, and their estate and the people they love are well taken care of when something happens to them.

You become a lawyer who helps your clients face life and death proactively and with love.

2. New Way To Book Appointments

When booking these appointments, you’ll use a somewhat controversial strategy of securing the appointments with a credit card.  And the best part is that when you’re doing your intake correctly, your prospects will actually want to give you their credit card to secure their appointment.

Despite any of your fears, or what you may think right now, when done correctlywithin the framework of the Legal Life Planning Modelcollecting credit card numbers as part of the appointment setting process will in no way decrease your volume of set appointments, yet will virtually eliminate appointment cancellations and no-shows.

3. Pre-Meeting Package

As soon as the appointment is booked, you’ll send — via direct, physical mail — a special pre-meeting package.

What this package does is pre-address and overcome the most common concerns, objections and reasons for procrastination your prospects may have.  Your pre-meeting package also highlights the critical nature of what you’ll cover during their Family Wealth Planning Session.

And, it includes a small piece of homework for your prospect that gets them in the optimal frame of mind for their appointment with you.

4.  Legal Life Planning Meeting Folder

At the appointment, you want to bring a Legal Life Planning Meeting Folder with the necessary paperwork to complete the engagement. This ensures that you walk into every meeting prepared to collect a check.

5. Fee Schedule

Let’s continue with an example of the new way you’re going to quote your fees by presenting package options.

You can take a peek at the package options our Personal Family Lawyer members offer to their prospects here.

This one-page Package Presentation Sheet and the script I used to present it was THE linchpin to growing my practice to over a million dollars a year. Yours, of course, may be slightly different. Or it may be significantly different. Dont worry about that for now.

What I want you to see here is that the Legal Life Planning Model includes packages that our clients were able to choose from when considering whether to engage us and at what fee.

Yes, our clients got to choose their own fee.  And they loved it. Almost always increasing the fee I would have charged by $1000-$2000, by their choice.

This is what shifted my entire practice from an hourly billing model to one our clients loved and that got me paid on time, every time.

With this type of process and package presentation, theres no more spending up to 4 hours with prospects just to hear: “We have to think about it, or “We arent sure, or “Well get back to you.

And no more feeling uncomfortable and put on the spot with clients haggling with you about your feesor having to discount just to get the deal.

And no more comparing yourself to LegalZoom, Rocketlawyer and other up and coming online services that require you cut your fees just to try and keep up.

Instead, you’ll have a system in place that allows you to set appointments with over 90% of the emails or phone inquiries you get from prospects.

And these prospects keep their appointments with you.

You engage nearly all of them. And they choose their fees and choose to pay more.

And, you and the prospect find the entire experience comfortable, valuable, and beneficial.


How the Legal Life Planning Model Will Quickly Grow Your Bottom Line

Let’s do a little math so you can see just how quickly your bottom-line can grow when you start with the Legal Life Planning Model.

Let’s say, with the no-cost client attraction systems we put in place for you, once you’ve learned the Legal Life Planning Model, you get just 5 additional phone calls a month. That’s alljust 5, for this example.

Well, at just 5, let’s assume 4 make appointments and 3 engage your services.

At an average fee of $3,500, thats an additional $10,500 of additional revenue for you each month.

Or an additional $126,000 a year.

With a minimal increase in overhead because once you’ve learned the model, you can then use free marketing resources we teach you as part of our membership programs to generate at least 5 inquiries a month.

Now, lets use a more realistic example and say that no and low-cost client attraction systems bring you an additional 10 new phone calls a month.

Well, at just 10 additional phone calls, you get an additional $21,000 a month of revenue.

That’s an extra $252,000 a year.

An additional quarter of a million dollarsdoing meaningful work, making a real difference in the lives of your clients, with the freedom and autonomy to work when you want, and with whom you want.

Think about it:

  • What would your life be like if you only had to go into the office 2-3 days a week, yet still had a law practice generating over a million dollars a year?
  • If you got to decide when you would see your clients and prospects, rather than being at their beck and call, their whim?
  • And you had a practice that gave you the joy, again, of practicing law?

Now, this is not going to happen overnight, of course.

If you are going to spend the next 2-3 years of your life creating something, why not create a law practice you will actually love that supports the life you really want to have?

Over the last two posts, Ive shown you how and why the Legal Life Planning Model can add a quick $3,000 to $5,000 per client to your bottom line, just part-time, how it puts you in a position to make a real difference in the lives of your clientsgiving you a meaningful way to practice law again, and gives you complete control over when, and with whom, you work.

Ive shown proof of how effective this has been for attorneys, just like you, of varying ages and locations from all around the country.

And, Ive shown show you how it can be launched in your own practice in less than 60 days, with predictable, reliable and consistent successthanks to a system Ive invested years and hundreds of thousands of the dollars testing, optimizing, and perfecting.


About the Contributor
Alexis Neely is a bestselling author and has been a frequent guest on numerous network talk shows and news broadcasts. After graduating first in her law school class from Georgetown Law, Alexis clerked for Senior Judge Peter T. Fay on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals and then began her career at the #1 AmLaw rated firm of Munger, Tolles & Olson. She went on to build her own law practice into a million dollar a year revenue generator within just three years by creating a revolutionary New Law Business Model you’ll hear about on the call. She is a leading expert on teaching lawyers how to attract more clients, engage those clients at higher fees,* and to serve those clients using this completely different law business model. Lawyers using Alexis’ systems report far more happiness, bigger bank accounts, and that they love being lawyers again.

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