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You went to law school to make a great living,
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The Law Business Manifesto has your answers.

Law Business Manifesto

Add a Lucrative Revenue Stream

You love practicing law, you are already serving families and/or small business owners in some capacity — maybe litigation, divorce, bankruptcy, business planning, real estate law or even personal injury matters — you have done all the hard work already to create a relationship with your clients.

Why not add on a service that they all need, want and will thank you tremendously for providing?

Maybe you think it will be too hard to add on a new practice area, too difficult to learn something new, or that you are too old to begin again — well, we have some great news for you.

We make it easy to add at least $3,000-$5,000 per client you are already serving to your bottom line by guiding you to offer services they need, want and will greatly thank you for.


Featured Program

Estate Planning Bootcamp

Add $3k-$5k to your bottom line serving clients you love.

Love Being a Lawyer Again By Providing a Service That 90% of the People In Your Community (or Existing Client Base) Already Need, Want and Will Pay You Handsomely For When You Learn to Do it the Way We Teach It.

“... this morning I had my first ever Initial Client Meeting with a prospect, and thanks to the Estate Planning Bootcamp (and the scripts in the Client Engagement System) I received an $8000 check in-hand for my first Revocable Living Trust plan.”

Jennifer Moyeher
Jennifer Moyeher, Family Lawyer, Washington, DC