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New Law Business Model Painted Picture

The following vision, which we call our Painted Picture, is a detailed, high-level overview of what NLBM, will look like, feel like, and act like by December 31, 2016. Sharing it with you here helps it become reality; hopefully you’ll feel inspired by it, and if you are, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Core

New Law Business Model guides lawyers to transform their practices from an old, broken way of practicing law into a new way that they and their clients absolutely love.  We achieve this with a suite of law practice marketing & management training, coaching and done-for-you services tailored for solo and small firm lawyers throughout the US, Canada, Australia and beyond.

Our unique combination of program effectiveness, brand attractiveness, value for the money invested and a feeling of emotional connectedness among our team and clients set us so far apart from any perceived competition that it’s said: we are not simply the best at what we do, we are the only ones who do what we do.

Our Clients

We serve lawyers who went to law school to make a difference, make a great living and have a great life while they do it.

By giving the lawyers we serve a life and a business they love, they in turn help their clients be better parents, better business owners, and better citizens of their communities.

Our lawyers have thrown out the hourly billable and an old paradigm model that sucks the life out of them and their clients in favor of something far better. They make their own schedules, are known as the go-to lawyers in their communities, and generate ample revenue to support their loved ones while building lifelong relationships with clients who love them. Yes, love them.

Lawyers and their clients know the NLBM brand stands for: quality, connected, insightful, effective and compassionate representation of the most important segments in our society – families and small business owners.

Our lawyers are proud to display the NLBM logos on their websites and wear our pins and carry our brand collateral because they feel grateful to be connected with our organization. They know our systems lead to rapid success and our membership department cares enough to coach them through the transformation from the old way of practicing law to the new law business model we offer.

When NLBM lawyers meet each other at events and through our digital forms and facebook groups, they feel a sense of fellowship and support. They know there is no competition, only co-opetition – so they cooperate to best serve their communities.

Our Model

Lawyers looking to get off the cashflow roller-coaster need marketing and sales systems that keep a steady flow of prospects and clients coming in. They need systems for managing their client fulfillment processes, and systems for retaining their clients for life so that they can grow their practice year after year.

Based on the systems NLBM co-founder Alexis Neely created to grow her own law firm into a million-dollar per year revenue generating business in only 3 years, we provide training, tools and technology for lawyers who want to learn and apply the fundamentals of client attraction, client engagement, client service and client retention. This training culminates in a done-for-you membership program with all the marketing and sales materials plus accountability and coaching a lawyer could possibly need to rapidly become the go to lawyer in his or her community.

Additionaly, we provide niche practice area training in Estate Planning, Divorce Practice, and Bankruptcy the New Law Business Model way.

Finally, we train virtual and onsite assistants to become New Law Business Model Implementation Coordinators to handle client attraction, prospect intake and even client service for our member law firms to grow.

We provide weekly group coaching to support the implementation of all our training. Each of the lawyers is connected with a personal accountability/success coach every 2-3 weeks, their progress is recorded and improvements are made based on their personal desires.

Our Impact

We have a Family Business Lawyer™ (FBL) firm in every neighborhood meaning 300 or so in the USA and Canada, plus we are expanding into Australia and beyond

Entrepreneurial families know they would never work with anyone but an FBL, because no other lawyer can so comprehensively attend to the complexity of their family & business matters; Estate Planning, Bankruptcy and Business Planning (matters of money & the heart).

We are the darlings of the media because we have shifted the way people feel about their lawyers, considering them a member of the family instead of someone they wish they never had to call.

Our lawyers are proud of the work they are doing with the families and businesses they serve because they can see the impact they are having with the work they offer and the relationships they are supporting within their own communities.

Our Buzz

We are marketing via multiple channels, including relationships with state and county Bar Associations, Direct Mail, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, Video Marketing, Social Media, Article Syndication and people hear about us from our frequent mentions in the media.

When lawyers, and their prospective clients, come to our home on the web they want what we offer. They can feel the gravity of this new law business model and how powerfully it can serve them.

Our YouTube channel and website is loaded with television appearances by Alexis and other local Family Business Lawyers who are making a splash with their work.

Our Founders

Alexis has written at least two of her next books and has a regular radio show plus is working on another company that provides an expansive business model for moms, all of whom work with their own Family Business Lawyer to care for their families. She has a weekly syndicated radio show where she coaches people in the areas of entrepreneurship and relationship as evolutionary pathways, and refers them to FBLs in their neighborhood.

Craig has moved on to start other companies in the areas of education for children.

They remain involved at the executive level reviewing reports, connecting with individual lawyers and their clients to gauge happiness, meeting with the advisory board, holding the vision and guiding the director team, attracting mentors and investors, building ancillary businesses – such as the practice management software firm – and exploring the possibility of expanding via franchise.

Our Team

A seasoned, effective, inspirational team of directors runs the company consisting of managers and staff in 3 departments, plus independent contractors as needed.

The teams operate remotely, but thanks to technology and systems, everyone who works at NLBM and all the lawyers we serve feel connected throughout the day.

Team members sign in and out on a virtual water cooler system that lets you see who is on, what they are working on, and who is off.  We do this not only for productivity purposes, but to support a limbic connection, even across the globe.

Our Culture

We foster a culture of entrepreneurship and life-long learning. Part of the virtual water cooler system includes an online company library with access to books and training programs purchased by the company that can be borrowed by everyone who works for the company.

Individuals and teams are expected to set goals and hold themselves publicly accountable for their results. Everyone helps everyone achieve their goals and create a great upward spiral of success.

We encourage everyone on the team to more than fill their present position by creating more value than required and replacing themselves when they either ascend the ranks or move on to do something more aligned with their personal mission, which they’ve come to clarity about through working with the company.

Each team has daily check-ins where they share what they completed the previous day, what they will get done that day, what support they need from the team and what systems are broken or require attention from management.

Everybody speaks the language of their personality profile in Myers-Briggs, Enneagram and Wealth Dynamics.

We hold a family-oriented in-person retreat once a year so we can meet in person, revisit the painted picture and set individual goals. Both our teams and our clients attend and forge bonds for life.

Team members don’t burn out because they take 100% responsibility for prioritizing their self-care, maintaining healthy boundaries, seeking coaching and counseling to move through internal struggles, and practicing a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, ample sleep and family time, play time and creative outlets.

Our Values

·      Family First
·      Remember Your Mission
·      Consider The Implications
·      Communicate Proactively
·      Seek First To Understand
·      Model Accountability
·      Prioritize Self-care
·      Apply the 80/20 Rule
·      Above All, Create Magic

Our Financials

Company financials are transparent to everyone in the company (all except for employee payroll amounts) because everyone is expected to take responsibility for understanding the company profit model, contribute to revenue generation and minimize expenses wherever possible.

Full-time employees receive complete benefits, employee profit share broken down by departmental bonus and up to 5 weeks of paid time off (which includes sick days, but separate from government holidays).

We invest in world class mentor/coaches for the director team. And everyone, including clients, are invited to the annual family retreat.

P&L’s show 100% growth of profit for each of the three years. We give 10% to philanthropic causes aligned with the company’s core values, or matching employee contributions to the charitable causes of their preference.

Our Hope

We hope this inspires you as much as it inspires us!

If you’d like to participate in the realization of this vision – either as a part of our team, as one of our lawyer members, or in some other capacity, please reach out and let us know:

  • By Email: PaintedPicture (at) NewLawBusinessModel (dot) com
  • By applying for one of the positions we are currently hiring for

We’re always looking for more great ideas to add to the next version of our Painted Picture.

We know that ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’ and if you have an idea you think would really make New Law Business Model, our teams, products and client experience even more incredible, we want to hear from you!

  • By adding your own great ideas in the comments below, or
  • By Email: PaintedPicture (at) NewLawBusinessModel (dot) com

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