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Business Love & Money for Lawyers

More clients, more love, more money -- yes, for lawyers.

You went to law school to make a difference in your clients lives and make a great living too. So, what happened? Law school teaches you to think like a lawyer, not a business owner.

In this program, we teach you how to think like an entrepreneur so you can use your law degree and have a thriving business that you, your clients and your family love. More business, more love and more money -- for lawyers.

"Alexis, just wanted to let you know that the first time I used your system, and poorly so, I might add, I made an extra $1250.00. Awesome!!"

Eric Barnes
Eric Barnes, Kaysville, Utah

Perpetual Marketing Machine

Get your phone ringing on auto-pilot.

Get your phone ringing consistently, steadily and reliably on auto-pilot by creating a perpetual marketing machine that keeps you top of mind with the people you are meant to serve -- even when you are swamped with client work, on vacation or taking a mental health day.

"This course is life-changing and should be mandatory for all lawyers in business for themselves."

Robert Galliano
Robert Galliano, Temecula, CA

Client Engagement System

Start engaging 95% of prospects who call your office, immediately.

You can be the best lawyer out there and invest heavily in your marketing, but none of it makes a lick of difference if you aren’t able to convert your prospects from interested to engaged. With our Client Engagement System, you will engage 97.5% of the people who call your office and at fees higher than you ever could have commanded in the past. Plus, your clients will be thrilled to pay them.

“I have been doing this for 27 years. I wish that I had something like this when I was starting out. I would have made a lot more money and probably would have had clients that were more satisfied. My partner, a criminal lawyer, has listened to the marketing CD’s (4 of them) and also thinks they have given him a lot of new ideas.”

Don Fraser, Marysville, OH

Estate Planning Bootcamp

Add $3k-$5k to your bottom line serving clients you love.

Love Being a Lawyer Again By Providing a Service That 90% of the People In Your Community (or Existing Client Base) Already Need, Want and Will Pay You Handsomely For When You Learn to Do it the Way We Teach It.

“... this morning I had my first ever Initial Client Meeting with a prospect, and thanks to the Estate Planning Bootcamp (and the scripts in the Client Engagement System) I received an $8000 check in-hand for my first Revocable Living Trust plan.”

Jennifer Moyeher
Jennifer Moyeher, Family Lawyer, Washington, DC