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Personal Family Lawyer, Creative Business Lawyer and Family Business Lawyer Membership Programs

Are you disillusioned by the reality of running a law practice? Did you imagine it would be different somehow? Are you ready to make a huge shift in your law practice? Move out of the stressed out, struggling and over-worked mode and into a transformation. One where you become a lawyer making a significant positive impact in the lives of your clients and making a great living while you’re at it!

Through our Personal Family Lawyer, Creative Business Lawyer and Family Business Lawyer membership programs, we provide you with the structure of sustainable systems for marketing your practice and building the successful business you always knew was possible. There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. Let us do it for you. Ditch the practice model that drains you and create one that loves you back.

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“Today I charged a client $5000 and she is delighted to pay it. I could have never done it without your methodology and coaching. My practice is becoming something I’m really proud of and I'm becoming the lawyer for my clients that I always wanted to be. Thank you! I’m having fun. Thank you! My staff are great and love the customer focus. Thank you!”

Yeti Agnew
Yeti Agnew, Yeti Law, Toronto, ON

Business Practice Boot Camp

Are you looking to add a new niche to your practice? Are you tired of the roller coaster that comes with focusing on unfulfilling one-off law transactions? If so, this program is for you! We’ll give you the foundation you need to implement recurring revenue systems engaging and serving clients at monthly rates from $750 per month to as much as $3000 per month… or even more. We’ll also teach you how to dial-in your practice to the outsourced general counsel recurring revenue model.

We provide:

  • Automated processes for serving your business owner clients in a new way
  • A plan to shift to recurring revenue
  • Engagement tools
  • Proven techniques for serving your clients in a new way

All at a valuable investment that will pay big returns over the lifetime of your practice. Your practice will become financially sustainable and you’ll be serving business clients in a meaningful way, helping you to love your law practice once again.

I booked more business in the first month after the BPBC [the course you’ll learn about during our training] than I did all of FY 2015.  As of today, my total income is up almost 85% compared to the full FY 2015.

Andrew Sachs
Andrew Sachs, Sachs Law, New York

Client Engagement System

Engaging clients. Done wrong and it can feel a lot like selling. And no one likes to sell, or be sold to. Done right, and it can create the life and law practice you love.

Your system for engaging clients is THE make it or break it part of your practice. When you have one in place, you know that just about everyone who inquires about your services is going to hire you. And once you know that, it makes sense to invest money in marketing because every dollar you spend marketing earns you back hundreds of dollars in client fees.

Without a system for engaging clients, you definitely shouldn’t invest money in marketing because the more you put into marketing for clients you won’t engage, the more you’re just pouring money down the drain.

Creating a system to engage clients is not something we’re taught in law school. So you end up trying to do what you see other lawyers do, but I promise you this -- it’s not working for them.

I invested more than $15,000 to hire consultants to help me create a system that paid for itself the first time I used it. It includes scripts for what to say when people inquire about your services, a fool-proof method to eliminate cancellations and ensure prospects take your time seriously, a fee quoting system to ditch the hourly billable once and for all (and even let your clients choose their own fee), and every checklist, template and script you need to have a Client Engagement System in your office to engage 97.5% of the people who come in to meet with you, at higher fees your clients will be happier to pay.

"Since I implemented CES in my Bankruptcy practice last summer, I’ve have increased my revenues by 15%, and significantly decreased the amount of people that don’t show up for appointments.  “I’ve been really happy with the program and the customer service. The best part is the great results I’ve gotten. I recommend CES highly.“ 

Steve Holland
Steve Holland, Holland Law Office, P.C., Loveland, CO

Perpetual Marketing Machine

Get your phone ringing on auto-pilot.

Get your phone ringing consistently, steadily and reliably on auto-pilot by creating a perpetual marketing machine that keeps you top of mind with the people you are meant to serve -- even when you are swamped with client work, on vacation or taking a mental health day.

"This course is life-changing and should be mandatory for all lawyers in business for themselves."

Robert Galliano
Robert Galliano, Temecula, CA

Estate Planning Boot Camp

Add $3k-$5k to your bottom line serving clients you love.

Estate planning (we call it Legal Life Planning) is a wonderful way to expand your practice and shift into work that holds more meaning and purpose in your life and the lives of your clients.  While you may have learned the basics in law school or in other firms, I bet you didn’t learn how to set up your practice in a way that leaves you feeling totally fulfilled by the work you do. It’s rare.

We teach you to do Estate Planning in a new way.  A way that, instead of being dry and boring, will leave you feeling excited about serving clients you love and really creating a deep impact in their lives.  

The good news is you can learn the foundations of doing this work and, represent 90% of the population, PLUS add at least $3k- $5k per month to your bottom line* without getting an LLM, going back to school, or investing years of your life learning a new practice area.

If you’re ready to make a big, positive impact in the lives of your clients, and make a great income while you’re at it, we’re ready to teach you how. 

"The system works. Everything about it works, and in the investments that you make, they are not costs. You should not think about them as costs. You have to think about them as an investment in revenue, and they will pay for themselves."

Erach Screwvala