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Shocker: I Hate Estate Planning

Shocker: I Hate Estate PlanningYes, I know. It’s shocking. The gal that Alexis always talks about being in love with her practice actually hates the words “estate planning”.

I hate estate planning because it conjures up the images of a bunch of stuffy, grey-haired lawyers sitting around a marble, diamond-encrusted conference room on the top floor of a skyscraper, talking about kicking the bucket and who’s going to get mom and dad’s fortune; cutting out Junior because he got a tattoo when dad forbade it; deciding how much each kid will get each month to live on.

That image both bores me and bothers me because that image is not at all what estate planning is.

Estate planning, the way we practice it as Personal Family Lawyers®, is better called something like “Legal Life Design,” or “Life Engineering,” or “Legal Family Engineering.” I wish the word we had for this practice area was something sexy, vivacious, intriguing, complex, fulfilling, enlivening, and emboldening. Because that is the true essence of what we do.

Here’s a little secret: Estate planning is a very profound spiritual practice. It suits people who are interested in fulfillment, connection, supporting growth and family harmony. Plus, it’s a service needed by every family in our country, even if they don’t know it.

It can help parents become better people, even if the plan itself is never deployed.

That’s where the magic is.

The way we do it, estate planning is an opportunity to meet oneself at the doorway between life and death. As practitioners, we get to escort people toward that doorway, help them look back so they can see their accomplishments, their losses—the lives they’ve built. We help them see the honor and dignity in their lives and bear witness to it.

Then we look toward the future; their hopes, dreams, aspirations and vision for themselves and their families. Then we interject the worst-case scenarios and help them work through them all. The worst things that can happen are the only things that stand between their past and their future. We allow their imaginations to run wild and their fear to have a voice.

Then (and this is where the lawyer in us emerges), we help them understand the legal landscape they live in, and offer the knowledge of how things are and how things could be. We give our clients a chance to choose the road their family will take if they aren’t there to guide them. Consciously, thoroughly, thoughtfully.

Fears lift. Freedom enters. Liberation of heart and mind settles in.

And our clients are no longer afraid. No longer afraid to die, no longer afraid to live.

People tell me all the time that their experience with estate planning was nothing like they expected. They say they had no idea the burden they were carrying until it was lifted. They say they feel freer, clearer, more in love, more alive, more than they were before they entered into the experience.

To help liberate another human from their fears and free them to live a bigger life. How sacred, how juicy, is that?

Join us as we transform the way law is practiced. We’re looking for Personal Family Lawyers in EVERY STATE. There is need, there is desire, there are families out there who need you. Really need you.

 If you’d like to learn a new way to do estate planning, or how to easily add this sacred (and lucrative) service to your practice…

About the Contributor
Martha Hartney
Martha Hartney's is a successful Estate Planning lawyer in Colorado and co-creator of the Estate Planning Bootcamp. As a Law Business Mentor her greatest hope is to help other lawyers claim, or reclaim, the joy and the spiritual pursuit of being a lawyer.

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