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You went to law school to make a great living,
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Law Business Manifesto

Start a New Law Practice

Starting a law practice can be SCARY! They sure didn’t teach us anything about entrepreneurship, business, marketing, sales, accounting or anything related to successfully running your own business in law school.

At least not when I went to law school.

I [Alexis] invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in my own business education and as I was doing it, I kept re-assuring myself that I was not making the investment just for me — that one day I would teach what I was learning to other lawyers so you would not have to reinvent the wheel, like I did.

That day came in 2006 when I first taught lawyers how to engage more clients using my Client Engagement System and since then I have helped hundreds of lawyers start and grow their law practices.

Martha Hartney, our first Law Business Mentor, started her own law practice from scratch a little more than two years ago with a family to support and limited financial resources and today she has a thriving practice. [Martha] I thank heaven everyday that I was able to deploy the learning Alexis had accumulated because I could not have invested as Alexis did–and the investments I did make in my education we’ve infused into our work together.

We intend to provide you with the guidance you need to build the practice you want. Whether you are coming out of a Big Law firm like I did or straight out of law school like Martha, we can and will help you get to the money and happiness in your own practice fast.


Featured Program

Estate Planning Boot Camp

Add $3k-$5k to your bottom line serving clients you love.

Estate planning (we call it Legal Life Planning) is a wonderful way to expand your practice and shift into work that holds more meaning and purpose in your life and the lives of your clients.  While you may have learned the basics in law school or in other firms, I bet you didn’t learn how to set up your practice in a way that leaves you feeling totally fulfilled by the work you do. It’s rare.

We teach you to do Estate Planning in a new way.  A way that, instead of being dry and boring, will leave you feeling excited about serving clients you love and really creating a deep impact in their lives.  

The good news is you can learn the foundations of doing this work and, represent 90% of the population, PLUS add at least $3k- $5k per month to your bottom line* without getting an LLM, going back to school, or investing years of your life learning a new practice area.

If you’re ready to make a big, positive impact in the lives of your clients, and make a great income while you’re at it, we’re ready to teach you how. 

"The system works. Everything about it works, and in the investments that you make, they are not costs. You should not think about them as costs. You have to think about them as an investment in revenue, and they will pay for themselves."

Erach Screwvala