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Success Stories

Thanks to Alexis, I have the tools and resources I need to attract new, quality clients to my firm. She showed me how to narrow my practice so that I am working only with the clients I want to work with and how to really make a fantastic living doing it. Now, I know that my practice is just going to continue to grow and grow over time and become more and more successful.

David Feakes
David Feakes, Personal Family Lawyer®, Acton, MA

Just caught up on all the Law Business Revolution goodies! Feels like a 2-day MCLE seminar. I can't wait to implement for my practice.

Christina Coley
Christina Coley, Solo Lawyer, Huntington Beach, CA

"Alexis Neely and the Personal Family Lawyer® program have completely transformed my practice. I've been an estate planning attorney with my own practice for over 15 years. I thought I would have to practice for another 15 years. I've created an efficient stream lined practice following everything Alexis's suggests that runs almost on auto pilot. Clients are leaving my office saying wow you've thought of everything and are raving fans telling others. I've seen my practice double in the last year even in a down turn economy and facing the loss of my wife. I'm seeing a younger more sophisticated client and as a result my average fee has tripled. Revenue has grown by over 20%. I have a 3rd attorney looking to join my practice, I'm working less, I'm happier and more selective of the client's I see. And I have decided to take Fridays completely off. If you follow her advice your practice will be revolutionized, too."

Gerald Kane
Gerald Kane, Personal Family Lawyer®

“I have been doing this for 27 years. I wish that I had something like this when I was starting out. I would have made a lot more money and probably would have had clients that were more satisfied. My partner, a criminal lawyer, has listened to the marketing CD’s (4 of them) and also thinks they have given him a lot of new ideas.”

Don Fraser, Marysville, OH

"This course is life-changing and should be mandatory for all lawyers in business for themselves."

Robert Galliano
Robert Galliano, Temecula, CA

“... this morning I had my first ever Initial Client Meeting with a prospect, and thanks to the Estate Planning Bootcamp (and the scripts in the Client Engagement System) I received an $8000 check in-hand for my first Revocable Living Trust plan.”

Jennifer Moyeher
Jennifer Moyeher, Family Lawyer, Washington, DC

"Alexis, just wanted to let you know that the first time I used your system, and poorly so, I might add, I made an extra $1250.00. Awesome!!"

Eric Barnes
Eric Barnes, Kaysville, Utah