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11 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Practice

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to sell your business in the future for a hefty price? The good news is that there are proven strategies you can use to increase the value of your practice and make it attractive to potential buyers. Whether you want to sell your business next year, in 5 years, or just want to have the option in the future, you should start laying the groundwork today to make it a possibility. And while this article was originally written for my business clients, I’m confident you will be able to find the parallels … Continue reading »

About the Contributor
Denise Gosnell
Denise is an entrepreneur who also happens to be an attorney. She owns multiple companies, including a consulting company called Denise Gosnell Consulting, Inc., where she writes various courses and books. One of her other companies is her law firm, Gosnell and Associates, P.C. where she serves Technology, Information Publishing, and Coaching companies as Intellectual Property and Internet legal counsel. She formed her own law firm about ten years ago after working for a large law firm prior to that. She also used to be a software engineer for over ten years before she became an attorney. Over the years, she has authored and co-authored 8 books on technology and business topics, and is currently a blogger for the Huffington Post on various legal and business topics.

Why Are So Many Lawyers Broke?

Many people don’t believe it. Even lawyers are known to scoff at it. But many of you know the truth — you go to law school, spend a small fortune and come out to find the pickings are lean. Looking deeper than 6 figure school loans and the trend of fewer Big Law positions available to absorb the glut of new law school grads every year… Let’s examine the real reason why so many lawyers are broke. “…the number of jobs in small firms has generally been increasing in recent years, and for every job in a large firm taken by … Continue reading »

About the Contributor
Craig Allan
Craig Allan is co-founder and President of New Law Business Model. He has over 11 years experience building marketing-based businesses with integrated online systems. Craig believes that family is the most important unit of society and feels lawyers have a unique responsibility to positively impact families, communities and future generations.