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11 Things I’ve Learned About Building A Successful Law Firm

Not so long ago, we celebrated the 10-year anniversary of our law firm. It was a wonderful event with more than 100 of our friends and past clients. As I approached the stage to address the audience, I was overcome with nostalgia.  How did we create this amazing and productive community of lawyers, legal assistants, support staff, and clients, all working together as one successful unit? The synergy of the event was inspirational. I was proud to say the least. At that moment, I realized that I could do more. I believe there are far too few resources directly addressing the … Continue reading »

About the Contributor
Jacob Sapochnick
Originally from Israel, Jacob moved to the U.S. to pursue his LLM in International and Comparative Law. At his first law firm, he realized he was unhappy billing hours, working long weekends, and witnessing poor client etiquette. In 2004, he left his first Law firm job and started his own law office with no plan and no prospects. Now, he has built a seven-lawyer, 14-person immigration law practice with plenty of clients, using social media innovative practices to make it happen. He currently practices Immigration Law in San Diego, California.