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This interview series shows you how to have more business, love and money…
No matter what practice area you are in.

You’ll learn from entrepreneurial lawyers in the practice areas of…

Personal Injury — Ben Glass

“One of the smartest things you can do is to benefit from looking outside your business, even the legal field completely, to see what and how other business owners are reaching success.”

Ben Glass


Divorce — Lee Rosen

“Lawyers, you are not in the business of selling legal documents. Everywhere you turn, these documents are free or they’re cheap (and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime). You’ve got to understand that you’re offering much more than documents or a transaction. You’re offering an experience.”

Lee Rosen


Estate Planning — Martha Hartney

“When I increased my fees, everything shifted.”

Martha Hartney


Lawyers as Peacemakers – J. Kim Wright

“In law school, we are start out as normal human beings, but then something shifts. We are taught to disregard the limbic system – the emotional and relational part of our brain.

We’ve got to embrace the emotional and relational part of ourselves and we’ve got to love ourselves. We aren’t any less strong because we love.”

J. Kim Wright


Discovering Agreements – Linda Alvarez

“It’s not just about creating agreements and pushing them in front of your clients to sign. It’s both parties co-creating the terms and the relationship. Practicing law in this way is going to require the lawyer to recondition their thought process.”

Linda Alvarez


Criminal Defense – Rachel Krugel

“If you can come up with a unique way to take yourself out of the office and engage clients from anywhere, it’s life changing.”

Rachel Krugel


Bankruptcy – James Brown

“Create content that people can use. Either create it yourself, buy it, or hire someone else to create it for you. When you focus on creating content that your clients and prospects can use, you ensure you are top of their list when it comes time for them to solicit your services.”

James Brown


The Business of Law Practice – Alexis Neely

“What you are creating for your clients is an experience, an experience incomparable to anything else being delivered by anyone else in your community. It’s not just a transaction – it’s a relationship and an experience. If you’re thinking to yourself, I want to have a relationship with my clients, but I just don’t have a model for doing it, it’s time to change that.”

Alexis Neely


No matter what practice area you are in, you can benefit from this series with the best entrepreneurial lawyers in the business. Universally, each one of them said that their biggest secret was learning from other entrepreneurs and lawyers outside of their standard practice area.

Now, we invite you into the more business, love and money that comes with taking on the entrepreneurial lawyer mindset today. Get this training series now!