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Jill used to take whatever legal work came in the door. She became a Personal Family Lawyer® with miraculous timing – just before her daughter became ill. Thanks to the PFL systems, Jill’s practice was not only able to survive, but thrive. Now her daughter calls her “Summer Mommy” because Jill was able to take off lots of time over the summer to be with her.

Jill Gregory

“Becoming a Personal Family Lawyer® was without doubt the single best investment I have ever made not only for my business, but for my clients, my family and… me!

I have gradually incorporated the PFL steps into my practice and I am blown away with the results each step of the way.

My clients hug me at the end of every meeting – always. Even the big burly men. I love my practice again. I am only doing estate planning and probate – and love every day of it.

In my first year as a Personal Family Lawyer®:

  • My revenue doubled
  • My fees charged for each plan went from $1200/$1500 to $4000 and up!
  • Prospective clients no longer tried to negotiate a lower fee – they know the value of the plan and are happy to pay it
  • I no longer have to track down fees
  • I was able to stop practicing in other areas of law and focus my energy only on the areas of practice that I love
  • I have systems in place which make sure my clients are very well taken care of not only during the planning process, but well into the future
  • I spend considerably less time in the office
  • I am able to spend more time with my family
  • I receive thank you emails and cards from my happy clients
  • I have become the “go-to lawyer” for estate planning in my community (and neighboring communities)
  • I have a steady stream of clients referred by local CPAs, insurance agents and real estate agents
  • Most importantly, I love what I do!

As if that wasn’t enough, all of this success occurred in a year that had I not been a Personal Family Lawyer®, my business never would have survived.

Within days (really just days) of joining the program, my young daughter developed life threatening health issues. I no longer had the time or the luxury of working 40+ hours a week and spent much of my time rushing her to the ER and traveling to medical appointments (I am happy to say that she is now happy and healthy).

Thanks to the Personal Family Lawyer® program, I was able to quickly put systems in place so my practice was not only able to thrive, but to grow while I took care of a loved one.

Prior to becoming a Personal Family Lawyer®, I worked crazy hours.

was overworkedunderpaidchasing down clients to get paid, stressed about how to pay the bills, stressed about having enough work, stressed, stressed, stressed

For over a decade, I struggled with my practice. My clients were happy, but I wasn’t and was questioning why I became a lawyer. Alexis’ program helped me change all of this!

Becoming a Personal Family Lawyer® has been a life changing experience.

Next year, my goal is to triple my revenue and I know that with Alexis’ guidance and the support of her wonderful team, I will get there (or pretty darn close).

My only regret is that I didn’t find your program sooner.”

Jill Gregory | Attorney & Counselor at Law | Tahoe City, CA

W.T.* is a seasoned litigator who quickly reinvented herself as a Personal Family Lawyer®, standing out so much from her local market that her services were chosen above a lawyer with 40 years experience! Just a year after leaving the ‘security’ of her firm, she’s got her own thriving, growing practice and is much more fulfilled by her work.

“I’m so grateful to the Personal Family Lawyer® program for giving me a way to make a comfortable living while providing a service I can feel good about.

Thanks to the coaching and materials I received in the program, I was able to launch a brand new estate planning practice with a level of sophistication that would have taken me years to achieve on my own.

From Day One, I have been able to market my services in a way that sets me apart from the other attorneys in my market.

One year ago I left my firm to go out on my own. I was a litigator for many years but never felt the adversarial nature of this work was a good fit for my personality. A few months later I came across the Personal Family Lawyer® program and decided to take a leap of faith and reinvent my practice to focus on estate planning. I had never done any work in this area at all. I spent several months winding down my case load, while simultaneously getting up to speed on the subject matter.

In May, I put on my first workshop based on the materials provided in the PFL program, and redesigned my website based in large part on the PFL templates. By the end of July, I had six new clients signed on with me!

In fact, virtually every single client I have met with so far has retained me, thanks to the meeting structure suggested by the PFL program.

One of these clients wanted to do their “due diligence” before signing on, and met with another attorney in town before making their decision. This other attorney not only had 40 years of experience as an estate planner, but was also the former mayor of our town. After meeting with him, they decided to go forward with me instead!

I love meeting with families looking to do right by their loved ones. With this practice model, you are in control of your schedule, and you can feel confident the clients will continue to come.

I look forward to continuing to build and grow my practice through the methods I’ve learned as a Personal Family Lawyer®.

*This lawyer has requested her name not be used because of privacy concerns. If you’d like to know more about her, and how she has implemented our programs, email us and we will direct you to her website.

“Completely transformed my practice…”

“Hi, this is David Feakes and I’m a Personal Family Lawyer® in Acton, Massachusetts. When I heard Alexis was opening the PFL program to new members, I wanted to reach out and share some of the reasons why becoming a PFL has changed the way I practice law.

First, Alexis taught me a way to completely transform my practice, so that now I only work with the kinds of clients I really want to work with. For me, that’s parents with young kids but I know many other personal family lawyers who are working with very different demographics.

Alexis and her team have always succeeded any expectation that I ever held of them. They’re always available, and ready, and willing to answer all of my questions and to provide me with feedback.

As a PFL, I have ongoing access to systems and coaching that I couldn’t get anywhere else, the kind of coaching that allows me to continue growing my practice year after year.

Joining the Personal Family Lawyer program has had a significant impact on what matters to me the most and that’s my bottom line, my firm’s revenues.

I joined the PFL program in 2008. In 2009, my firm’s revenues increased 22%. In 2010, my firm’s revenues increased another 42.5%. Those are real numbers and they occurred during one of the worst economic downturns of my lifetime. Those numbers are all the direct result of everything I’ve learned and implemented as a member of the Personal Family Lawyer® program. So, I encourage you to check out the PFL program for yourself. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

David Feakes | Feakes Associates | Acton, MA

When V.T.* started her own program, she knew what she didn’t want to do, but had no idea how to implement all she wanted to happen. Now she’s breaking records in engagement and fees, as a Personal Family Lawyer®.

*This lawyer has requested her name not be used because of privacy concerns. If you’d like to know more about her, and how she has implemented our programs, email us and we will direct you to her website.

V.T. | La Cañada Flintridge, CA

“Engaging Clients at a much higher rate than ever before…”

“I’m Steve Worrall, a family law and family estate planning attorney in Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia. For 25 years I was exclusively a divorce and family law litigator. That high conflict work became less and less satisfying for me and I was becoming more and more unhappy with my law practice.

I began looking for better ways to serve my family law clients and to expand my services into other more rewarding practice areas. One of the discoveries I made on that path was the Personal Family Law® program. Its systems, the coaching, and the support that I received from other members quickly launched me into a highly rewarding practice of serving families for their lifetimes, and made me into their trusted advisor.

I opened my own law practice in my hometown to make a difference in the lives of my friends and my neighbors. And thanks to the Personal Family Lawyer® program, I have been able to do just that.

  • I have learned and implemented systems to attract new clients
  • To engage clients at a much higher rate than before
  • To service those clients in ways them make them happy to be working with our firm
  • To retain those clients in a membership program
  • And run my law office like a business

I am very grateful to the Personal Family Lawyer® program and to its phenomenal team to support me as I grow my business. If you have any questions about my experience with the program please call me at 770-425-6060 or email me at steve @”

Steve Worrall | Worrall Law LLC | Atlanta, GA

“What would we be doing without the Personal Family Lawyer® program…”

“I just wanted to say that over the past week we’ve been doing a lot of marketing and getting things to get ready for our first workshop. And we just had so many moments when we said, ‘What will we be doing if we didn’t have the Personal Family Lawyer® program?’

We’re just so appreciative of everything Alexis has done to set up the foundation for our practice and so many other lawyers throughout the country. So, thank you, Alexis!”

Nes Abegaze | The Abegaze Law Group | Woodland Hills, CA

“Nicole was more than happy to get away from the stress and tension of litigation. Using the Personal Family Lawyer® systems, her firm continues to grown and prosper, despite her being hands off for an extended period.”

“I have been a Personal Family Lawyer® for four years now. The details I learned from the Personal Family Lawyer® program, I would have never thought of on my own or learned from a traditional estate planning practice.

The systems we put in place from the program allowed me to not be present in my firm as much last year as I normally would, but we were able to stay on track even though I wasn’t there.

I jumped back in about two months ago, and today, our phones are literally ringing off the hook. We’re only halfway through January, and we are already on track for January to be the biggest month in the history of my law firm. It’s a great way to start the New Year, and I owe it all to the Personal Family Lawyer® program.”

Nicole Newman | Newman Law Group | Tustin, CA

Fresh out of Law School with less than a year in business, Martha is now a Personal Family Lawyer® with a busy practice. She’s filling the room with her presentations (60 people at a time in one, and 20 families in another) — all based on materials already prepared by Alexis for her members.

“When I graduated in 2009, I needed to make money! I have a nut to make every month and I’m carrying a big train in. I’ve got children and a family I have got to provide for. I had a cousin email me and tell me her story. That really impacted me greatly. It made me decide that I really needed to serve the families – moms and dads – in this way, and that it was very important work to do.

Surprisingly, my business has gone from absolutely nothing to being fairly consistent. I’m really blessed that I walked into the Personal Family Lawyer® program. We knew each other before and you offered me a spot in the program and since walking into that, using your tools I have been able to start my business and to get it going much faster than I thought it was going to be able to.

In fact, Alexis’ different segments of her business – the engagement, the attraction, and the service systems were so vital to me getting a good start, I could not have done it at all without them, even with having had business experience in my past.

Her system was the kind of thing I could walk in and start to learn on the ground, start to do, and start to master the techniques that she offered. I was really surprised at how vast that the amount of work you had been accumulating was, when I found out.

Right now my engagement rate is over 90%. That is what stuns me, when people sit down with me and I walk them through the process that you’ve taught me, very few don’t engage because I give them every opportunity to make really good choices and every reason to make good choices because of the techniques that you’ve developed.

When we first started and you started coaching me, the one thing you told me is, “You need to learn how to engage! You need to know the Client Engagement System down pat.” And I couldn’t quite understand why that was but now I get it, because without that one tool, nothing else really matters. So, you coached me to do that, I did that and as I go along, if I deviate from that system, I know I’m going to fall off the track. So I constantly bring myself back into the Client Engagement System to remind myself of those tools, the specific ones that you make.

Martha Hartney | Hartney Family & Estate Law | Longmont, CO

Linda knows the system works now clients are seeking her out. After implementing the PFL systems, she was able to triple her fees guilt-free — 100% confident her new practice offers better services than any other estate planning attorney in her area.

Linda Sherfey


“Thanks to Alexis, I met with a couple last night that gladly paid $4000 + $1000 (kids asset protection option). They had seen the FWPI web site and the wife had read the “Wear Clean Underwear” book. They called me to schedule an appointment. The national marketing is working.

I give Alexis my unqualified highest endorsement. Everything she does is top quality, and I’m 100% sold on the PFL system and the philosophies of the Family Wealth Planning Institute. And, because of that, I’ve been able to triple my fees without feeling guilty because I feel that I’m offering my clients better than any other estate planning attorney in this area, by far.”

Linda Sherfey | Attorney & Counselor at Law | Chesapeake, VA

“Yeti” is finding that the exciting rewards of relearning how to have a successful practice — even going against so-called conventional “wisdom” — greatly outweighed the challenges of readjusting her mindset. Her many referrals from happy customers just keep coming.

Yeti Agnew


“With Alexis’ help I’m becoming the lawyer I’ve always wanted to be.

  • We provide a better service to our clients.
  • Clients (and others) comment favourably about their service experience to us.
  • Our clients love us… more than they did before.
  • We are getting more referrals from satisfied clients.
  • We are getting more referrals from our referral sources.
  • We’re learning how to differentiate ourselves in the market…
  • And how to market ourselves in a distinct way.

Working with Alexis has been the most exciting and the most demanding CLE I’ve done since being called to the bar. She has great ideas, coupled with a real openness to adaptations of her ideas to our practise, in our market.

It has not been easy unlearning years of “professional practise” experience and questioning the common wisdom out there. Similarly, it has not been easy to learn new habits, change the operations of our office and train staff in new ways of serving clients, but it is definitely worthwhile and immensely rewarding on many levels.”

E.M. (Yeti) Agnew | Yeti Law Professional Corporation | Toronto, ON

Michael was once skeptical. But, by following the techniques in the Client Engagement System, a now very grateful Michael has taken his law practice from “viable” to “successful.” Retention rate, once lucky to get as high as 70%, stands close to 100%!

Michael DellaMonaca


“Alexis, a few years back I implemented your client engagement system to grow my law practice from “viable” to “successful.” I am at a point where I am seen as a go-to resource for estate and elder matters in my community, by bankers, financial planners, and even some attorneys.

I’m really just ecstatic because these techniques can be so simple. You have to do the work, follow and have faith in the systems, but they’re very basic, and they’ll come to you naturally. It’s all these “Why Didn’t I Think of This,” type of moments – it’s all very basic, common sense. I was keeping very careful records on the number of clients I was engaging with your system and I said to myself, “I’m not going to keep something that’s not paying dividends for me.” So, I expressed my desire to return the system, but agreed to talk with you… meanwhile, I made a tweak here and there, reviewed the system materials… maybe it was the ‘Break-down before the Break-through’ but my engagement rate went from 3 people saying “no thanks” despite using your system… to now, in the past 5 months, we’ve only had 3 people decline to retain us.

Retention rate now stands at 87% and if we count people who were personally referred to us, it’s close to 100%. I was lucky to hit 70% prior to using your system.

Needless to say I’ve paid for your system many, many, many times… I don’t have a million-dollar practice because I don’t want one. I want quality of life. Today I had a very fun day. I got to ‘just talk’ with people, I got to be a human being and relax. I wasn’t on edge, I wasn’t trying to sell anything. I mean, how many lawyers are actually having this much fun! Your system brings the humanity back to being a lawyer. Thanks, Alexis!”

Michael DellaMonaca | The Law Office of Michael D. DellaMonaca | Fitchburg, MA

Gerald Kane was dreading another 15 years in law practice. After implementing the Personal Family Lawyer® techniques he’s got raving clients paying triple the fees, and a practice that runs almost on autopilot. He’s happier than ever, especially since he decided to take Fridays off.

Gerald Kane

“Alexis Martin-Neely and the Personal Family Lawyer® program has completely transformed my practice. I’ve been an estate planning attorney with my own practice for over 15 years. I thought I would have to practice for another 15 years.

  • I’ve created an efficient, streamlined practice, following everything Alexis suggests, that runs almost on auto pilot.
  • Clients are leaving my office saying, “Wow, you’ve thought of everything” and are raving fans, telling others.
  • I’ve seen my practice double in the last year, even in a down-turn economy and facing the loss of my wife.
  • I’m seeing a younger, more sophisticated client and as a result, my average fee has tripled.
  • Revenue has grown by over 20%.
  • I have a 3rd attorney looking to join my practice.
  • I’m working less, I’m happier and more selective of the clients I see.
  • And I have decided to take Fridays completely off.

If you follow her advice, your practice will be revolutionized, too.

Gerald Kane | Law Offices of Gerald L. Kane | Encino, CA

Robert recognizes his very expensive mistake — ignoring Alexis’ emails for too long. Soon after he finally put the Personal Family Lawyer® systems into practice, he found himself energized, loving his business, and raising his fees an astonishing 1000%!

Robert Galliano


“I ignored Alexis’ emails for months. Quite frankly, I was very skeptical about her claims. After 25 years practicing law, I thought she wouldn’t be able to teach me anything. I was wrong.

Within a few months of working with Alexis, I’ve increased my fees 1000% (that is not a typo—one thousand percent) and I recently engaged 7 out of 7 new prospects at $4,000 each.

The best part is I’m energized and love my business again. I sure wish I had opened her emails sooner.”

Robert Galliano | The Law Offices of Robert J. Galliano Temecula, CA

Vaughan De Kirby witnessed first-hand the efficacy of Alexis’ powerful systems, answering his own question,”Is she the real deal?”

Vaughn Kirby


“My name is Vaughan De Kirby and I’m an attorney and have been an attorney in San Francisco for 27 years. And, if you’re like me you asked yourself whether this woman could be real. I mean real, no bull, no hype. Is she presenting a real business model that delivers what it promises?

The answer I found out is YES — I saw it and it’s true. How do I know, you ask?

Well I didn’t believe anything and I don’t believe anything until I see it in action. That is exactly what I did.

  • I sat in on 3 initial client meetings and watched Alexis sign $14,000 worth of business.
  • I saw binders delivered to delighted clients.
  • I was able to talk to her clients and I learned they did indeed come from her powerful advertising model and seminars.
  • I watched Alexis deliver a powerful, effective seminar.
  • After the seminar with only 9 families in attendance, she scheduled 5 appointments confirmed by a credit card, and I heard 3 of the remaining couples planning to follow up.

She is the real deal.”

Vaughan De Kirby | Law Office of Vaughan de Kirby | San Francisco, CA

Kimberley found the Personal Family Lawyer® program at the darkest point of her life. It wasn’t long until life and business turned around for the better — to the level of deciding to make a radical career change that would nourish her heart and soul.

Kimberley Fonner

“This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make but my heart told me I had to do it and so I am: I’m closing my practice and getting out of the legal field, effective this month.

As much as I’ve enjoyed being a lawyer for the past 12 years, my passion really lies elsewhere and so, I am leaving the law to pursue the career of my dreams: working everyday with and in support of animals.

I’d like to thank Wealth Counsel and all of you wonderful WC members for your generous mentoring, support and advice over the last 2 years. You all have been quite wonderful and have contributed greatly to my ability to serve estate planning clients in very high-quality ways.

I would also like to publicly thank former Wealth Counsel Member, Alexis Martin Neely because I think she has been misunderstood by many other lawyers within our community. She’s given me so much this past year and I want to pay that forward by expressing my review of her practice offerings.

I myself joined her Personal Family Lawyer® Program at one of the worst times of my life – right after the sudden, unexpected death of my father.

Knowing of my personal loss and struggles with it, Alexis truly cared about me. She was always sensitive and supportive in our interactions, and also offered me a living example of how to make the practice of law more human, way more fun and therefore a lot more meaningful.

Alexis taught me to think outside the box and energized and inspired me. She has been a wonderful role model for me, and I can attest to the fact that she really does practice what she preaches.

What I have also appreciated a TON about the PFL program is its plug-and-play nature. That was perfect for me who was starting out as a true solo after more than a decade in the big-firm world. IMHO, it’s optimal for people who either want to re energize their existing practice, or for lawyers who are new to the estate planning field and want a blueprint to structure their practice the right way from the beginning.

All of the systems I received as a Personal Family Lawyer®, from done-for-you marketing, to client engagement, to client retention to office management, were simply outstanding, I mean REALLY fantastic and value-adding stuff for my office.

Here is the bottom line from my experience as a PFL: Alexis Martin Neely and her PFL program deliver on all of her promises and then some. She is the real deal. And she really does care.

In fact, Alexis has actually encouraged me to follow my heart and live my passion… even though that meant leaving the law and her program in the process.

If your passion is being an estate planning attorney, Alexis’ PFL program will transform your practice (and therefore your life), and I can recommend it enthusiastically.

Thank you all again so much, WC community, for all the support you’ve given me over the past years! It’s meant more than I can really say.

My very best wishes to all of you, Kimberley”

Kimberley A. Fonner | Redwood City, CA

“Because of you we work with clients only 3 days a week, and are able to enjoy life. I use your system every day and I am proof that it works.”

Robert & Diane Galliano
The Law Offices of Robert J. Galliano | Temecula, CA

“The CES changed my life. It allowed me to double my fees over night and gave me the confidence to deliver.”

Tracy Ingle | Ingle Law | Boston, MA

Tracey Ingle

Melissa and Maria left their positions as government attorneys to join forces in private practice. Their nerves about entrepreneurship were soon eased after implementing the Client Engagement System.

Woodman Odea
“As a new firm, with both of us transitioning from being government attorneys, we were worried about the business side of practice. We know how to be great lawyers, but not how to be entrepreneurs. We were excited to find Alexis.

After implementing parts of the Client Engagement System – with lots more to implement – we are engaging about 90% of the time. We’ve gotten flowers from a client, and regularly have clients offer testimonials before we even have a chance to ask.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us ensure that our transition into private practice has been successful and rewarding!”

Melissa O’Dea and Maria Woodman | O’Dea Woodman, P.C. | Augusta, ME

Priscilya graduated law school at a time jobs were scarce. After jumping into and struggling with private practice, she found the New Law Business Model. She’s now confident business is finally moving in a positive direction of growth.

Priscilya Hawkes Manigo
“Monday of this week was my first LIFT appointment. Today was my 2nd. I have 2 leads that came in today, another from a few weeks ago, and a prospect that has been “courting” me for a while, but is now ready to officially engage on some level.

I’ve been an attorney for about 5 and 1/2 years, and it is only due to NLBM that I finally have some traction and real MOVEMENT in my business.

I graduated law school at a time when there simply were no jobs out there — especially in the NYC area. I have close to 500 rejection letters to prove it! (Lol… literally.) So, I jumped into entrepreneurship a little sooner than I had planned.

That said, my first few years were spent just utterly confused about what was going on from a practice and business perspective. Then, once I finally understood how to practice, I still needed to figure out how to turn it into money. Sound familiar anyone?

Now, that I’m with Alexis and her NLBM system, I’m so confident that my business is about to explode!!

See, because I didn’t have much money these past few years, every time I spoke to a lead or prospect, money was all I could think about. How was I going to pay my rent, phone bill, medical, etc.? This is NOT the type of stuff that one should be thinking about when dealing with leads, prospects, or clients.

What Alexis and her NLBM have taught me is that every time you have a conversation with someone about your business, it’s show time! This means, I should be 100% focused on PROVIDING VALUE. That’s it!

It took me a long time to get this as an entrepreneur, but I get it now. It’s all about providing value. When we focus on that, everything else falls into place.

After all of these years, this week alone I received some of the best compliments about my law firm that I’ve ever received:

  • The person I met with Monday said that “I should receive an award” for the way that I took her through LIFT and for the concept of LIFT itself. I told her I have brilliant marketing people (thanks Alexis).
  • The person I spoke with today couldn’t stop thanking me for all the value I gave in our LIFT appt, and was excited because he “could tell I was so passionate about what I do”.
  • Also, I receive compliments on the articles, which I send out weekly.

I just want to say thank you to Alexis and the entire NLBM team. You guys are awesome, and you really make me look like a superstar. 🙂 And to think this is only the beginning…”

Priscilya Hawkes | Hawkes Law Group, P.C. | New York, NY

Kenn wanted to add estate planning to his practice. He hired a newbie and in just a year she took all she learned from the CES and Personal Family Lawyer® programs to create growing new profits for the  business.

Kenn Neeley


Less than a year ago I decided to add estate planning to my consumer bankruptcy practice. I signed up for the Personal Family Lawyer® program and hired Lori, an attorney with a great personality, but no previous estate planning experience.

It took Lori just a few months to learn the law through the PFL estate planning bootcamp, and other resources recommended by the PFL program.

She studied and practiced the elements of the Client Engagement System and then we started promoting her services through workshops and events.

By using the suggested PFL workshop presentations, Lori was able to schedule Family Wealth Planning Sessions with about ¾ of the attendees at any workshop she presented at.

By using the Client Engagement System techniques in those Family Wealth Planning Sessions, Lori signed up every one of her first 10 appointments.

This year promises to be an exciting and profitable year for the estate planning practice, and we’re just getting started!”

Kenn Neeley | Neeley Law Firm, PLC | Chandler, AZ

Laura found much more with NLBM than just higher fees and the courage to start her own practice — she found deep personal growth that helped her face her own family legacy.

Laura French


“After 14 years of practice I joined your program. It was a huge leap for me to focus on business rather than “practicing law.” I’ve completely changed the way I interact with clients and am continuing to change the dynamics in my office. My fees have gone up and I no longer shrink when telling clients what the fees will be for their work. I am also learning to ask for what I want and say what I mean. I’ve also learned to pick my battles and know when I can’t change certain things.

To that end, I’ve spent the last four months in discussions with my partners about leaving. I expect to finalize an agreement for my new space this week (after considerable setbacks involving a trusted colleague and friend). Many lessons have been learned.

I thought about joining your program for almost a year before taking the leap. It has been a tremendous growth process for me to step into my 40s, own up to past mistakes, gain clarity in areas while still struggling to work my way through others.

I’m speaking more to groups and colleagues and using every chance to market myself. I’m unapologetic in doing so. I’ve really stepped into the right mindset. This isn’t to say it has been perfect or is complete but I recognize the ongoing nature of the process.

Specific successes:

  • using the PFL philosophy as I’ve adopted it to connect a local family in crisis with the help they needed.
  • Using the PFL way to dig into a client’s deepest wishes and find a way for her to leave a legacy that has nothing to do with her family.
  • Utilizing the techniques of PFL to help people articulate and face their deepest anxieties and fears while opening them up to the possibility of changing that aspect of their lives.
  • Giving a divorced mom peace of mind when she left my office and helping her find her own voice to stake her claim to the family business.

My best and the most personal of my success stories came just last week. My Grandfather is 89 and has severe memory loss. I visited him, taking my son as well to visit cousins. On every other trip to visit I’ve left with a feeling of dread and guilt and fear that it would be the last time I saw my Grandfather. My intention was to have what could be a final conversation without it being sad or gloomy. I wanted to tell him how I felt about him, my late Grandmother and the impact they’ve had on me. It was one of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had.

It’s a difficult thing to have one’s Grandfather introduce himself to you and ask your name. But I stayed with him one-on-one for about two hours and patiently tried to reach into those parts of his memory I thought we could reach together. It was sacred time. And thus far the most important legacy conversation I’ve ever been a part of. Entering the decade of my 40s, combined with this program, allowed me to face down my fear and dread and have that conversation. I left Florida with a lightness and peace I haven’t had following previous trips. I know I honored my Grandfather and let him remember my Grandmother and hopefully our family in past happier times.

Thank you for helping me own it. Whatever it is that I have or will pursue, I shall own it. And your guidance is a big part of my taking ownership and working in a spirit that I call “bold grace.”

Laura French | Talley, French & Kendall P.C. | Conyers, GA

Once implementing the Client Engagement System and Personal Family Lawyer® program, nothing has stopped Darlynn’s practice from growing and hitting 98% retention – not the recession, not taking 3 months maternity leave, or even deciding to cut her work down to three days a week!

Darlynn Morgan


After becoming a PFL in 2007, I began implementing the systems in my firm and we saw an immediate uptick in leads and prospects, but especially in client engagements. By using the Client Engagement System my engagement rate increased significantly, while at the same time we increased the prices we were charging for our services. We continued implementing, plugging away, improving over the years and had a solid foundation in place.

In 2010 I had my first child and decided to take a 3 month maternity leave; after returning I reduced my days in the office to 4 days per week so I could spend more time with my baby.  Despite taking this time off and despite the recession, the law firm completely rocked 2010; we had an amazing year with strong profits and took a huge leap forward financially.  In 2011 I brought in another attorney and trained her using the PFL systems and she too has about a 90% engagement rate. In 2011 I continued working only 4 days per week, and we were even more profitable than any prior year, despite the recession.

In 2012 I decided to further reduce my days in the office to 3 days per week so I could spend more time with my son and it was our best year yet in every way.  We truly are attracting and engaging families that we love to serve, and doing it very well I might add. I attribute this to the PFL systems we have implemented, staff training, as well as the lessons I have received from Alexis’ coaching over the years. 2013 is off to an amazing start and we just had our highest engagement rate month ever… we engaged 98% of all prospects who came into the office in February!

Darlynn Morgan | Morgan Law Group | Newport Beach, CA