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The Lawyer Who Stole Christmas

A friend of mine posted on Facebook tonight about a Scrooge lawyer who ruined her Christmas by dropping work on her desk this morning that had to be completed by the end of the day.  It reminded me of a story about a client of mine who was shocked to discover he had turned into that Scrooge himself.

Read on if you are afraid you might become (or have already become) a lawyer you never expected to be.

A few years ago, I was running a mastermind meeting for a roomful of lawyers who had just joined our Personal Family Lawyer program (for lawyers who want to guide families through the process of leaving a legacy of love — aka estate planning) and each lawyer was sharing why he or she joined.

This one lawyer stood up and he shared this story:

He was a litigation attorney.  A good one.  Then, one year, he was working on some interrogatories and as he filed them, he pumped his fist with glee as he noticed that he would ruin opposing counsel’s Christmas based on their response date.

Mid-fist pump he stopped.  He saw himself and realized he had become the kind of lawyer he never imagined he would be. A real life Scrooge. A lawyer who was happy to ruin another person’s Christmas.

As he looked at his life, he saw that this was just one of the ways he had become someone he didn’t like.

He no longer loved the work he did. It had become a game of competition, fear and one-upsmanship.

He wasn’t kind to his family in the way he had been before. He was often stressed out, grumpy and impatient.

And he decided to make a shift.  So he joined our Personal Family Lawyer program and we taught him a new way.  Today, he has a thriving practice as an estate planning lawyer in Texas, serving families, making a difference in their lives, making people’s Christmas’s better, instead of ruining them.

Take a good hard look at your life.  Have you become a person you never thought you would be? Do you blame it on your law practice? Are you ready to make a change?

It doesn’t have to be this way.  You can be the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be, make a great difference in your client’s lives and make a great living while you do it.

It’s not too late for you to be the lawyer you’ve always wanted to be.  All it takes is for you to make the decision that you will not do it like this anymore.  And to consider joining us for our New Year’s Eve call this year. Details by email. Get this video series, do the worksheets and plan to be with us on New Year’s Eve morning.

Happy holidays!


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About the Contributor
Alexis Neely is a Law Business Mentor and creator of the New Law Business Model. She built her law practice from scratch into a million dollar a year generating business in just three years with the new law business model her family and her clients loved.
Don Rehkopf
Maybe he made a lot of money in litigation, but he wasn't a "good" litigator. A good litigator, upon seeing when the due date fell, would have put a clause in his cover letter to opposing counsel that noted that because of when the "normal" response due date fell over the holidays, that if counsel wanted a 14 day adjournment to email him and that he would consent to such. There are times to do battle and a good litigator recognizes them - this was not one of them which likewise should have been obvious to any professional litigator.



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