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The Natural Law You Must Learn to Succeed

Let’s face it. These days, lawyers are a dime a dozen.

More accurately, 80% of lawyers are a dime a dozen…

The 80/20 Rule, is a fact of nature. It holds true that 80% of lawyers earn only 20% of the total billings each year.

You can’t live on that!

So, how do you become one of the 20% of lawyers that earn 80% of the total revenue in your profession?

That’s what Alexis covers in her article this week.

Want a real kicker?

Of the 20% of lawyers earning 80% of the revenue, there’s another 80/20 distribution. If you do the math, that means that 4% of lawyers are earning fully 64% of the total revenue in the field.

It just keeps going like that.

And it’s true for our Members, too.

We have a very clear distribution of lawyers in our program. Our most successful members are earning many multiples of the average and low-performing lawyers in our program. And our top 4% are some of the highest earners in the entire legal field… Certainly for the Estate & Business Planning niche.

It will always be that way. The principle is the principle.

The only thing you can change is where you land on the curve.

It’s up to you to take action.

How can we help?

Watch this free video series to find out:

About the Contributor
Craig Allan
Craig Allan is co-founder and President of New Law Business Model. He has over 11 years experience building marketing-based businesses with integrated online systems. Craig believes that family is the most important unit of society and feels lawyers have a unique responsibility to positively impact families, communities and future generations.

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