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How Lawyers Can Free Up Their Time Immediately With Time-Blocking

Caveat: This works for lawyers in transactional practices, such as estate planning and business planning, bankruptcy, and other similar practices where you have control over your schedule, when you see clients and are not at the whim of frequent court appearances or opposing counsel.

This is a two-week example of what a fully time blocked calendar would look like.  This is week one. (Cilck on the image to expand.)

NLBM Time Blocking Calendar

This is an example of the second week on this time blocked calendar.  You’ll notice it’s pretty much the same as week one, except that there are no evening appointments. I do recommend having either evening appointments or weekend appointments available if you are serving families, at least in the beginning years of your practice.

NLBM Time Blocking Calendar Part II

The advantage of time blocking is that it significantly frees up your time, gives you the kind of freedom you’ve wanted from your law practice and establishes you as a busy lawyer who is much in demand, even if you are in the early years of your law practice.

Over time, as you get busier, you can change the time blocks and you can also see your path of growth and expansion. For example, we recommend that you eventually have someone else handle your signing and final meetings with clients, freeing up all that time.

And, once you are ready, you can even have someone else handling initial client meetings (when you have a system in place for engaging clients and can train someone on that system) and free up all that time.  So you see, time blocking is the key to success and happiness for every law practice owner.

If you are a Personal Family Lawyer, Creative Business Lawyer or Family Business Lawyer member, you can access the detailed training on how to set up a calendar like this for yourself in your member portal.  If you are not, you can get on the waiting list for our next enrollment here.