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The Single Biggest Reason Lawyers Lose Prospects Instead of Getting Hired Every Time

As a lawyer myself, I imagine that one of your biggest frustrations is when you get a phone call from a prospect who asks “what will it cost” because you know they are just shopping around for the cheapest legal services possible.

And, you are sick and tired of being seen as a commodity, instead of being valued for the great service you offer.

Or, perhaps you are losing client after client who you know needs your services, but then as soon as they hear how much it will be, they have to think about it.

I can solve these problems for you.

Watch this video to see what I’ve identified as the single biggest reason lawyers are losing clients right now instead of getting hired every time.

Now, listen, this video is VERY informal. In fact, I was just out of the shower when I recorded it and my hair is still wet. Because I was in the shower when I had the big aha! I share with you and just had to get it recorded right away.

I want you to stop getting trapped by the question of “what will it cost” or by how you quote your fees, so you can break free of this biggest problem most lawyers have and stop losing prospects when it comes time to talk money.   


Are you ready to begin engaging clients in a new way?


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